Juan Carlos Romero

Juan Carlos Romero

Juan Carlos Romero starts at age 8 years in the hands of his father , a keen guitar.
With ten years of age he began to take lessons he considers his first grandmaster , Michael " The tomato Almería", initiator of a major series of guitarists as his own son " Michael Child " , or his grandson " Tomatito " .
Getting his first contacts with the accompaniment of singing and dancing in school and Matilde Coral Rafael " The Black " and later with Manolo Marín and " Wicker " . His guitar clothes first cante flamenco figures as Jose Merce , Turronero , Enrique Morente , Carmen Linares, etc .

Soon after , it gets National Award in the prestigious Guitar contest Jerez de la Frontera , in their mode of concert. Your feedback is requested by the great maestro Manolo Sanlúcar , who travels the world giving concerts in concert halls and theaters more relevant in the music scene , and the inclusion in the record works sanluqueño genius works for guitar and orchestra as " Solea " and " Medea" , which were composed for the National Ballet of Spain .

This important stage is crucial for successful maturation and strength of his artistic personality and more demanding every day . In 1992 , on the occasion of the Universal Exposition in Seville , participates in the play " The Gallant " by Rafael Alberti, as lead guitarist of the same , with voices and actors such as Montserrat Caballé, Ana Belén , Jose Sacristan , the choreographed by José Antonio Symphony Orchestra and the Canary Islands.
It required his performance on the soundtrack and subsequent shooting of movies directed by Carlos Saura, " Sevillanas " and " Flamenco" , along with an extensive list of the most important artists of song, dance and guitar.


  •     National Award Jerez

  •     National Award for the critical 2004

  •     Giraldillo Guitar in the Bienal de Sevilla

  •     Press Award " Mario Maya"

  •     National Critics Award in 2008

  •     Award of the Academy of Music of Spain

  •     Gold Medal for his hometown Huelva

  •     Giraldillo the Bienal de Sevilla

  •     National Prize for criticism for his latest album " Water On" 2010

Guitar Festival of Cordoba , Jazz Festival in Cape Town , Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla , Teatro Real in Madrid, Teatro Liceo in Barcelona, Carnegie Hall in New York , La Fenice in Venice, Inaugural Gala of Ibero-American Games Opening Expo92 of Seville , Sad lers Wells Theatre in London.

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