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Video Nº 1: Practice the Thumb Strike Technique
Video Nº 2: Practice Strumming with Index technique
Video Nº 3: Practice Compass Technique of “Tanguillo”

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More details

Video course of “Tanguillos” level basic by Paco Cruzado

In this video series we will learn to play at a basic level some Flamenco . The method is very easy. It is divided into exercises and each of them carries a video. It is very important to follow the order of the videos. As you can see each video is divided ( depending on the exercise ) in one or more windows. This is so you do not miss the hands of the teacher at all times of the year. In a window will have the right and the other left hand. It is also important to see the video that you take notice of the position adopted by the teacher and the willingness of both right and left hands , and try to imitate them as best you can . As you can see each video carries two measures of count before the teacher begins to play. This will help you prepare when you begin each exercise. It is very important for flamenco guitar using the metronome , which the student must get used from the beginning.

Once you access the course you will enjoy a personalized service , we will provide an e-mail address to which you direct your queries. The guitarist Paco Crusader respond to your questions and guide you in training practice and learning the technique you've chosen . Our goal is to provide the best practical training , so we advise for a period of three months .

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  • Kind of course - Online
  • Learning Level - Básico