"Roots and Wings " Homage to Juan Ramón Jiménez
Music, Production and Guitar. ( With Carmen Linares)

Manuel Moreno Maya " The Peel " " Clear Avante "
Composition and Guitar

Rocío Jurado
Collaboration as composer and guitar on the film " Lola is going to ports "

Miguel Poveda "Land of Calm "
Composer , Producer and Guitar
Enrique Morente
Composition and guitar on " Morente Lorca " album

Archangel " Archangel "
Composer , Production and Guitar


Carlos Saura film " Flamenco , Flamenco"
With a cover of his last album " Romero" on " time " imminent release .

Carlos Saura film " Sevillanas"
Collaboration in the movie the great director Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura film " Flamenco"
Collaboration in the movie Flamenco Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura film " Fado "
Guitar and Musical Arrangement in Carlos Saura 's film , with Miguel Poveda

Flemish territory
Guitar (with Estrella Morente , Carmen Linares and Racampino )

Don Juan Valderrama
Guitar (with various artists )

Joan Manuel Serrat
Guitar and Musical Arrangements disk " Serrat are unique "

Jose Merce
Collaboration with Jose Merce on his latest album "Noise"

Manolo Sanlúcar
Symphony collaboration in work " Solea "

Niña Pastori " You Light"

Maite Martín " Querencia "

The Susi "Agua de mayo"

the Pele
Collaboration on his latest album " 8 guitars and a voice ... "