Buy is simple.

Only you have to take the following steps :
The first thing to do is register and enter your details .

If you are interested in a course :

Choose the course you want to perform from the main menu options .
Through a click you get an extension of the information in detail the complete product description and price your reference .
Select the course and UP .
You can then choose to continue shopping or process orders .
If you want to continue shopping, repeat the process but if you want to process your order , remember that you must register.
Once you have entered your data , check that they are correct and click "confirm".

In case you have bought discs or instruments make sure the shipping and billing address are correct.

Select a payment method : Visa , Paypal, Bank Transfer , Cash on delivery , Gift Card ...
Confirm the order .
Receive an e- mail confirming your order.
Login to your account and access to the course that you have purchased, you can already start your learning !