Guitar Palo Santo from India

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All of our guitars are made by hand, so the delivery date Desque who buys can range in 20 and 30 days Each guitar is personally reviewed by Juan Carlos Romero to ensure the highest quality, and all wear rigid covers gift to send.

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More details

Rosewood India
Botanical Name: Dalbergia latifolia
Origin: East India
Other Names: Rosewood, Indian Rosewood
Density: 650-850 kg/m3 40-53 lbs/ft3
Usage: Images And Aros, Bridges, Palas, Tuning Forks

It is the replacement for Rio Rosewood. It is slightly less dense than Rio Rosewood but more stable.
The range varies from light brown to red, but the most common is to have varying degrees of purple depending on the oxidation of brown. The quality is a function of the tightness of the grain, color uniformity and so for example First Quality is often narrow and homogeneous grain and intense purple color. In the Second Quality grain is more separate and deep tan color.