Guitar Palo Santo from Madagascar

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All of our guitars are made by hand, so the delivery date from place your order may range from 20 to 30 days. Each guitar is personally reviewed by Juan Carlos Romero to ensure the highest quality, and all hard cases lead gift to send.

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More details

Madagascar Rosewood

The African Rosewood has a density of 85kg/m3 . It is characterized by a variety of shades , designs and colors in their veins , ranging from violet to dark brown , changing to orange.
The wood tends to darken during the drying process and varnished.
The trees in the region where this wood is extracted are large diameter . The veins black features , style "web " are always on the outside of the trunk. For maximum drawing funds make the cut to the palm and the cut rings to mesh perfectly for this reason tend to have less drawing and intersecting the innermost area of the trunk.
Due to the small thickness of these trees as the black streaks are on the outermost instance of the trunk.
When we cut the funds drawing changes with amazing speed , which often gives a certain asymmetry feature of this wood.
You will never find two guitars Rosewood equal, each cut is different in that Madagascar and part of its beauty .